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Body Work

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Beginning Assembly Result


Body by Rodolfo

Prime and Prep by Lucky

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After deciding that we would not be painting the car in the backyard or going to the local Enamel blaster we had to find a body man, surely we were not worthy. Lucky the artist that would be painting the car had many suggestions for a good body man. We were lucky when his number one choice Rodolfo said he would take on our project. Then next two weeks saw dramatic changes, for the good this time. Take a look at the progress as we go from soda and sand blasted to primed and waiting!

chevelle_n_lax0039.jpg (27255 bytes)chevelle_n_lax0046.jpg (42047 bytes)chevelle_n_lax0048.jpg (38125 bytes)

The body work begins, Rodolfo did a fantastic job

chevelle_n_lax0050.jpg (29261 bytes)chevelle_n_lax0056.jpg (36684 bytes)chevelle_n_lax0057.jpg (29897 bytes)

I had to find a right fender as the car did not have one

Chevelle_pics0014.jpg (44281 bytes)chevelle_n_lax0059.jpg (49103 bytes)hossbx_lax_chev0055.jpg (41562 bytes)

The painter Lucky and my friend Doug talking about the body work

IMG_1220.JPG (73038 bytes)IMG_1238.JPG (43856 bytes)IMG_1244.JPG (45403 bytes)

Primed and almost ready for paint


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