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Beginning Assembly Result


Paint by Lucky Luciano

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After getting lucky and connecting with Lucky for painting the car the next decision was the color. Well it took a long time, but we finally decided on Arrival Blue Metallic. It is also known as "Out of the Blue" on the 2004 Escalade EXT. This is a really sharp looking color that varies greatly depending on the lighting. A lighter blue is what you see in the sun and a fairly deep blue in the shade. It really enhances the beautiful lines of the Chevelle. Now I understand how restoring a car can get out of hand. We were going to settle on do it your self paint and body work but you know how it goes. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden you are spending more on paint and body than you planned on spending on the entire restoration. There just seems to be no point doing a project like this if you are not going to do it right. Well I guess I won't be able to settle for less than the best on the rest of the car.

The bottom of the body was the first to get the color

IMG_0128.JPG (51605 bytes)IMG_0137.JPG (71558 bytes)IMG_0140.JPG (44113 bytes)

Then came the underside of the hood and trunk along with the doors

IMG_1203.JPG (68526 bytes)IMG_1217.JPG (73238 bytes)IMG_1210.JPG (49641 bytes)

OK, now we are getting somewhere!

IMG_1266.JPG (46365 bytes)IMG_1256.JPG (58329 bytes)IMG_1253.JPG (34965 bytes)

IMG_1252.JPG (43717 bytes)IMG_1254.JPG (49449 bytes)IMG_1260.JPG (53245 bytes)

The body getting the tinted sealer

IMG_1272.JPG (38943 bytes)IMG_1280.JPG (24494 bytes)IMG_1267.JPG (50890 bytes)

And finally the body gets it's color

IMG_1282.JPG (40213 bytes)IMG_1293.JPG (51202 bytes)IMG_1301.JPG (48996 bytes)

She looks even better in the sunlight

IMG_1318.JPG (62655 bytes)IMG_1327.JPG (92813 bytes)IMG_1324.JPG (62873 bytes)

Color sanded and buffed

IMG_1496.JPG (53851 bytes)IMG_1532.JPG (134230 bytes)IMG_1543.JPG (78172 bytes)

IMG_1536.JPG (129059 bytes)IMG_1527.JPG (51603 bytes)

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