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The Motor

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Beginning Assembly Result


Our first new power plant

The information below is on the LT1 we were going to use including pictures of it in the Chevelle
To see pictures of the new LS engine go here

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The stock LT1 as it was sitting in the donor Monte Carlo

Removed and started striping

Picked up after painting by Lucky

Intake sitting in place but the powder coat color is wrong

We have added a bit of push to the motor. A Lingenfelter cam was purchased on Ebay. I bought a set of 1.6 Comp cams Pro Magnum rockers on line from a Chevy dealer in Florida. We are also adding a Roll Master true double roller timing chain and a Meziere electric water pump from Scoggin Dickey automotive. We also installed a set of Comp Cams double valve springs that we picked up on Ebay from a company right around the corner from me. We powder coated the intake and the timing cover but the color is a bit too light so we will be recoating. I changed to a 1996 timing chain cover so I could use the double roller and the new cam. Hopefully the motor will get finished now so we can get it in the chassis and start hooking it up.

The Milodon pan and the Jeff Johnson aluminum valve covers are looking sharp

Note the Meziere electric water pump to free up a few more ponies and allow for the Scoggin-Dickey double roller timing chain assembly

It actually cost less to buy the Meziere water pump and a 1000 horse power rated double roller timing chain with cam timing adjustment then it would to put in the LT-1 "heavy duty" timing chain and I get to keep the extra horsepower for free!

Motor in place with March performance brackets 

and S&S Jet Hot custom modified headers

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